What you don't know about the Kinmen Starlight Festival: Dinosaurs are here-- lost in the space!

Through the work "Hope of Tree" created by everyone, a journey of fantasy begins, opening the gate everyone has never seen, but has heard about in storybooks. Traveling through the starry sky, I… am lost!

With the Milky Way, the constellations, the planet Venus and the illusionary wormhole, the shadow of light makes you immerse in the universe. However, in the next second, you will experience an amazing journey in the Jurassic world with the huge Tyrannosaurus rex watching you as well as the triceratops and the super-fast raptor appearing in front of you. Come on! Let’s walk into the planet of fantasy and explore a different mysterious world.

The Kinmen Starlight Festival combines lighting, sound and shadow, stage theaters, and theme activities to create a frame work for people of all ages. Combining the giant theater with the art of lighting in the living space, getting close to art is incredibly easy--- using art and creativity to open up a different vision. The 2022 Kinmen Starlight Festival will combine art of lighting with diverse activities, allowing you to experience the beauty of nights in Kinmen!